Maitreya’s Teachings

Peace Mother Earth Love Light in Christ Consciousness

Peace Mother Earth Love Light in Christ Consciousness

Following the questions I am bringing answers

in the newly achieved communication

within the web page


Maitreya’s Teachings

Beloved ones, I am love for you to achieve,



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Me in Diversity

Diversity exists in Unity

Multidimensional beings every Soul – this is not about Me – although My forth bringing of consciousness to embrace yourself as christ-like you.

I am where I am and will be seen ~ through many voices, expressions, angles

~ and so will you: that is the World of Unity ~

Acceptance of the differences and multidiversities within one being

Many cultures words messages to most ~ I wish no claim to exclusivity.

I do belong to love and All. No site knows Who I AM at All.

This vehicle, another one and some have PART OF ME: that is the World of

Unity in Diversity

Me Myself You

All Part of One.

Accept one another. Let others be. Inclusive. Love



I express Myself through most of the ones who love unconditionally

I am no property of one alone.

No one speaks My words, wish nor will exclusively: I love All.

Love is my Will.

Maitreya, The World Teacher

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Here is the other side


A New Earth born

to bring about the new

in the releasing of global cosmic alignment

to the change to live on Earth

in Peace, Justice, Harmony, Equality


every moment

Peace is a state of being within – active

Acceptance is the result of actions – choice

Possibilities to All is the choice to be – taken

Quicken the change for the ones who love

wish and create the loving peace

is My inspiring whomever wishes Earth love peace for all.

I am love

to you and to all.

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The New Golden Age

The Love you

Embracing trusting and living in love – without fear – is the knowing of the New Golden Age, upcoming for the ones who live in duality and cannot stand alone the fact that destruction and poverty reign in that stage and setting.

UNITY is the new law of the upcoming establishment of the New World to live in Peace on Gaia, the Mother Earth Planet in this Galaxy.

It is the World of infinite ways for the establishment of the mind to help achieve to succeed on equality, justice, sharing and arrangements of growth as a whole of humanity on a global planetary path.

Much is to be acknowledged to be in control of the settings of ones mind and to set forth the new ways in constructive manners to achieve exactly what is to be done for harmony and peace to reign.

The cleansing has achieved ones own choices to be connected to the one of nature in a continuous climb on the evolutionary latter of the wish to being part of a New Globe Earth living peace and love in its creational extension.

That is the wish to being part of the New World in the sense and of the matter to be always on the Path of Love.

The declaration with heart:


Is the entrance to the New Golden Age in the process of its concurrent changes and achievements.

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Love is you

Love is what we are made of . Loving and sharing is one on the same path. Love another so you are to learn to love it All. Love yourself and notice you are one with the other – who is you as well. You are on the Path of learning about Love in its extension of that what you are: not the mind through analysis and thoughts, but in the purest essence it is for you to see now – if you wish to: it has to be said and declared:


is the passage to the next level of evolution to ascension in human bodily form. ∞

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You matter

You matter in the will of objective thoughts and with the wish of your heart you become that physical energy of that of which you speak about “matter” – It is you!



While we are earnest in serious speaking

here is the one and only WISH for us to see

YOU as YOU TRULY wish to see yourself.


That is My will to bring you to see for yourself:

Every instance of you thinking in willingness to LOVE and to bring about positive thoughts of yourself and another, you wish to be in interconnection with those who bring about the same wish and will for you and for another: that is the World we are about to bring about with you on board by willing and offering your very own positive loving thoughts for those who wish to be with us and you at all moments in loving, kindness and in harmonious living along.

That is the World of the unifying aspect and the principles of the energy of that one we wish not to mention the name – for the name has been mis-used by instances in the most undutyful ways: taking your wish and will away by mis-leading you that I AM HERE TO OFFER YOU REDEMPTION.


I am not only the Christ in its perspective of YOU knowing Me in the understanding of that which WILL UNDERSTANDABLY CHANGE YOUR PATH AND PROJECT YOURSELF TO ME:




I am the Christ


so are YOU.


I am Love


so are YOU.


I wish and will bring love principals of loving thoughts

will you?

than and than you may wish with the power of your mind and the wonders of feeling within your heart:




LOVE is All-There-Is

Love Matters all


so are YOU


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One Self


In the midst of confusion about the upcoming events it is in its spiritual divine the prosperity as the funds of the divine decree that of which each and everyone is enhanced to take charge of ones Self expression. This furthermore is the one and only way of knowing the deep entrained ways of the ones who leave.


In the discussion whether it is newsworthy the life of another, it is self enhancement what is the cause to further oneself into the Ascension of the New World, rather then the argumentation of third dimensional focusing upon another with eyes of that what does truly not achieve any more then it has before.

Those in the deed of knowing what is to be happening are the ways of the Masters; the solution is to be in the story oneself to be writing within ones own achievements to be wished and to be asked for in the way the whole describes itself: possibilities.


Ascension Earth is happening during these months of upheaval and is to be recognized only by those who self enhance with what I am to describe in the article


Awakening to Ascension 2012



and to be wished by the ones who are willingly enhance their process by offering true knowledge of ACCEPTANCE of ALL-THERE-IS. Those and the ones who are in the want of furthering ones evolutionary process will acknowledge BY HEART after the statement made – the one mentioned in the article – for I am the Master of the Teachings in loving kindness transmitting through this one being, not wished and not meant to be in the news. The news is always to be happening about another.

Oneself is the new world of achievements of love, light and the wished peace. 

Be in peace ~




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I am Me

I am Me is what you are to be and know: I AM ME for yourself, Me Myself, is what you truly are. I bring you to see who you are in purest form: LOVE.

Me Myself is rather not acknowledged as such of Soul feeling of what YOU TRULY are. This is what I am to bring to you: the possibility of you truly wishing and understanding with KNOWING on the level of Trust what you wished all of the times: LOVE in its understanding of the Creation always feels right.

No understanding can be made by making “up your mind“. The KNOWING of the Law of Divine is the one understanding which can truly be achieved by simply stating accompanied by the wish of your will and feeling it with intensity in your heart:

I am Love and I wish love in all means,

You know ME not yet but wish to feel the understanding of WHO I TRULY AM ~

there lies the wisdom within yourself of the knowing I am to bring to you ~ upon your wish, my dear one, is the phrasing felt by heart, and that is what you will receive here at the moment of you declaring now:


That what you’ll feel is Who you truly are ~ so am I.

Me Myself is what you’ll feel WHEN DECLARED. You and Me We are LOVE. Experiencing it is within parameters YOUR CHOICE. If you wish Love, say it, to begin your true Me Myself expanding now.


The strength of the Cosmic Alignment in terms of the upcoming Ascension is the one enabling Me to bring in your feeling the force of the LOVE in TRUTH wisdom to you, once declared and stated


I am with you at all moments bringing what you will achieve to see with your heart once declared:


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Create what you want is the New World


In harmony with Mother Earth and its godlike appearance you can literally create everything you wish for. This is the correlating 4th dimension in lift to the upcoming 5th. Mother Earth is on the verge to become her healthy living planet and with her the humans who CHOOSE to maintain with her the wonderful Nature. Love is what prevails. Unity is what there is. Acceptance of All-That-Is is the landscape of Peace.

We, the Ascended Masters, are now to bring you in steps to the forms of wishing.  In its separative form the wish has to be thought.


What comes first: “The chicken lays the egg  or the egg produces the hen” – which one is true – you ask,  and the eons asking the non answerable is the ultimate confusion having created in your mind a distorted discussion: “Truth vs. false” = SEPARATION – and having so deviated your attention of the unique form of creation, to make you powerless and fearful, to bring your state of expression to that of  “I don’t know”, “I don’t belief” to “It is confusing” and “not possible”among those who do not care to have you wish for what you truly want and belong to:


The vast amount of  time spent by humans building belongings, beliefs, groups, vs. non belonging, non belief, is the way of keeping you busy and far from your true nature of creation. Nor the chicken nor the egg came first. First came the




Here – in the living expression of duality under which you have been subjugated – most interject with “that is true” or “that is false” for which now this might be adventurous for you to state, or to acknowledge is that for the most part the creation of the World the way you see it is your very own. Now, in the victimage which you feel, with about no option to get out of the mill treating your finances and obligations to maintain life – this TRUTH upsets most who do not wish to take on their stake in it: Those leave this form in denial. Another one will truly find answers by continuously looking for them. Observe. Declare. Wish. Take on what is the right you have and to what are:

God expression in human bodily form – Soul wisdom not accessed nor reached by the great majority in this dimensional control – about to re-discover WHO YOU TRULY wish to become.

You have not been in the knowing of how the perpetrators of your World have wished you to live in Angst, existentially insecure among the ones who do not last in perfect harmony. Everyone. No one in this World the way it is build has perfect harmony: this has been established, created and framed in a conformation of habitat in which everyone is now well aware that nor the way nor the interaction with each other and the planet is carried on  in harmonious ways.

This is about to happen to change.

I will encourage you. So you’ll understand where it all comes up to. Are you wailing now or are you calm? Do you feel hurt, angry or do you feel hurting wanting to be better. Do you create or do you let others do for you. QUESTIONS are never asked in the world of third overpowered life where the legacy is based upon the ones who own – money – and the ones enslaved to work for their sustenance to survival. You have been disempowered.

I am to bring the strength to want. “I can’t do this” and “It is not up to me” is one of the populated phrases in your midst. For there is a reason and a purpose to your upcoming to make you state with such conviction such invaluable phrases to your very own true nature. And the meaning is to keep you low. You were feeding on greed, selfishness, fear, pressure of survival, lack, depression, righteousness, judgmentalism, and got carried away for now you hold on to what you have been accustomed to – whether is serves you or dismisses to purpose your very own hearts desire: Love and be Loved. Accept and be accepted. Peace within and peace to you.

I come to purposefully guide you out of mental, emotional and spiritual enclosure. Find your way and restore your very own life force to the power of creation to make yourself its very own expression – otherwise you will behold the ideals of the ones who have owned you. FEELINGS are the ownership of those who CREATE circumstances around you.  Create your own ways, I come to teach you. Are you living a happy and fulfilled life? Is this good enough? How do you feel – is the indicator of whether it serves you or you are holding on to the old distorted ways. Find what makes you feel good– Declare what you would like to feel good within yourself in the most broad widespread way. What came first?

First came the CREATIVE THOUGHT.

It is needed to be expressed in any way and all circumstance

What do you wish?

Be bold.


Say it.

A tuna sandwich may take the hunger away, but what you truly want is ALWAYS LIVE IN ABUNDANCE. Your neighbor might not do what you like and you wish she would never have said it to you. You want her to be quiet – in your mind, but what you truly wish is to ALWAYS LIVE IN PEACE. The asking does come up to yourself. Now, I bring you the path and in Mother Earth’s cleansing by decree of divine intervention it’ll become practical to wonder what will make you do what you wish to do and what will make you have what you wish to be. Ask. Listen. Think.

Who will give peace to whom does not live in peace? Who will accept whom does not accept – if true – you cannot see but what you wish for. You will not accept another if you don’t wish acceptance for yourself. Respect of acknowledging each ones individual ways, but always in harmony with the precepts of nature and Mother Earth in love, peace, harmony and wisdom expressed by light is the respect given by you and therefore received. Not the other way. No one will give peace to you. You may give. No one will accept your wish to not accept. Tolerate yes. Non accepting is hurting. Yourself foremost. You may accept. No one can express love and also be received by whom does not wish to love. You may love. Now you say: “It is not up to me” holding on to the belief deep inside you and I tell you: don’t give up. Give in. Give in to yourself the possibility of PEACE. I am peace. Take the possibility of LOVE. I am love. Only you can change for good. And you may by yourself owning and taking your very own creative mind to ask.

First there is the CREATIVE THOUGHT.

I am now to bring you forth to do what you can do and that is all you wish for yourself. It is merely a form of state to set it in stone: your writing is in mineral form the one who wish to perpetrate and be what you wish to become – and you already are; there is the form of pure creation: recognition OF YOUR DESIRES which are already deeply embedded in your very core.  You have a clear notion of that what is good for you, the love, peace and harmonic living you ought to have. How you wish is the form to purely see. What is the one thing you are: love. What is what you wish to live for you create in your mind. That is the thought. You add your hearts desire. Now you see the mineral. That is the substance. To things come together to create something new. Minerals are new or old and form rocks. Two minerals: Your thought and hearts desire come together to create.  You formulate in your mind with the wish of your heart. You let it sit and by merely a momentum the stone will be formed: your wish comes true. Now go back – don’t wish, don’t think –  and argue about it. What will you get? Nothing – but arguing. How does it feel?


TIME OF ARGUING… Arguing has been widely spread and entertaining humanities lives keeping the richness and belongings of Mother Earth to those who spread the wish to keep you maintaining your Angst and doubts. You are unaware of the  power of your own mind and the creation of your world with the fear in your hearts. Once you were told I am me and you are someone else. You are not. I am you. You are me in another expression. You have quite a difficult understanding for which I am now to set you free: I AM THE GLOBAL LOVE is what you and me are. All together. Where are your thoughts now – “really?” is asking in doubt. You may or may not wish to know and your mind will never truly retrieve the deep meaning of what is stated: I am you and you are me. And you will not give yourself the momentum to truly and wishfully understand, UNLESS you state clearly: Declare.


You will never really grasp the meaning of love if you don’t declare with your heart:


You will always find a way to argue and discuss and find a better way to entertain yourself, away from that for which you came here. GOD DOES NOT ARGUE. GOD LOVES. You are God. You are Love. Behold and declare:



A human who declared to be the Mother of mankind’s children stopped arguing and spared herself the unwanted by truly expressing what you clearly understood – within the realm beyond the thought alone – I am Love and I am love’s expression. That is what she held on to. You are love and its purest and true expression is what you are here for. Wherever that is where you wish to be and with whom you share it with: the vibration of the LOVE in its purest form is light. You will never understand the form of love and light I am to set you forth to realize for yourself in this bodily expression, unless you truly want to and declare:


has to be wished and declared.

You do not understand the word Peace unless you understand that Peace comes out of your own desire and wish: declare yourself “the better” and the “others not”: you are in non peace. Tell them they are wrong, for you are right: you are far away from any harmony but the self-ish expression of separation and dual-ity. For which you are to know now with clarity that the path to harmony and peace is wishing it and declaring it:


You might not accept another yet you wish to be loved, accepted and granted the will to be of knowing. You ought to want to be that exact way – loved, accepted, knowledgeable –  in which your hearts desires flame will spring forth and you say it:


And while you discuss and argue about the precepts you missed out of all love. Then while you make those statements you will spring forth and will have made a QUANTUM LEAP into the NEW WORLD OF ASCENDING MOTHER EARTH where




lives for the ones who have declared and who enjoy their lives in


So be it. Light for you. Declare your wish. Be that Love you truly are. Be it.

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Change back to where you belong: LOVE

The World as we see it today is the interpretation of those who have distorted live once known as the living example of God’s expression in human form. None of the distorted facts of what is told in human history is as a matter of fact that what had happened in earthly timelines. Those who have built the Universe know far more about the small period of time humanity has inhabited this planet. Such is for the eons of Universal existence human life is just one of them equally valuable as so many other life forms.

 A New World

We, the Ascended Masters, are here to encourage the recent wishes of change for a just society and for a living among those who choose to be part of the Newly forming Earth in its ways and forms closer to the precepts of Gods conception. God is the merely form of existence in the unison of harmonic resonance for which in human language there is no word able to describe such beauty and love in its merest and pure form all implicated living creatures on Mother Earth and throughout the entire Universes.

Those who are on the verge of discovering their true nature for which we are hear to assign to you the endeavors of challenging changes and to embrace the light of love to set the new ways of creating justice, peace, trust for humanity being able to live harmoniously on this Planet.

Creative thinking is part of the Universal Consciousness for which it is the creative force what prevails and sets forth evolutionary explosions to the paradigm new to living humans on mother Earth but yet still the ancient forms of co-creation in space and galactic civilizations in the very many ways of this and other universes. This form of creative thinking is purely streamed by its wish of pursuing the forthcoming and pursuits of godlike beingnes and is what humanity is yet to come to see in proportional extension the one and only solution for peace:


None of the above is to see through the eyes of the human mind alone. No thought is able to grasp its extensive caravan as it is the pure moving form of creation and all its extensiveness.

Though the wish is being formed and the wish is creative in its form of materialization to the new ways of civilization to be build and co-constructed on the Planet you inhabit.

Mother Earth is a living being and she needs you now to help her become who she is: a pure Planet of Love expressing herself in the growth of nature: you must now come to consciousness that in the pure nature form of animal kingdom no disharmony has ever taken place, no non peaceful expression but the pure form of creative evolution. No mother has ever harmed her child willingly though most of you have been treated poorly in the upbringing by both of your parents, for which they have been treated poorly and lacking love in most by their parents and by their parents as well, going back generations of generations.

Who and where do these ways belong to? How may it be possible that a creature of nature may treat another creature in unloving ways – look around to see your animal kingdom: love is the pure expression of their coexistence as well as love is the way plants carve their ways to thrive. Why has humanity expressed itself in such a loosing state of its purest nature: love?

Long way back in human history another civilization of non loving form has taken hands on humanity, enslaving you in the form of the opposite of love: fear. Wars have been created in small and large scale creating dissonance among most humans. In the way you defend yourself against another, the belief you strongly hold on to of “knowing what is right” vs. what is not, you are living in the fear of having another take over “your” belief: that is a form of disharmony and it clearly disappoints your most inner core, which wishes happiness and love,  for you live in your belief and create – knowingly or unknowingly – separative ways. War is the ultimate form of separation. Violence is the imposition of your belief onto another, the approval or not of another and it is in its purest form against the very Law of Nature:


You must and ought understand that the times of disruption, occurrences of violating another live space by your mere thought forms in non acceptance have come timely to conclusion by the end of this era in 2012.

No human can decide another humans fate. Every human is now engaged in the unavoidable process of addressing the personal issues that he and she has neglected or denied. You break  your conscious mind, sometimes very forcefully and it sounds frightening to realize and to let loose to what you willingly have been excluded from: a mere sincere and pure form of your very own procedence of existence:


Many fight the newly divinely decreed energies of purification pouring vastly in the sphere of your planet and into your very own personal lives. Changes are occurring among everyone and it is now the mere form of seeing and abolishing by releasing that what has not been of service for your ultimate purpose and to formulate declarative statements in POSITIVE  of that what you wish to achieve and to become: the loving expression of divine law – the only one to prevail beyond 2012


Unity is the expression of mere and pure acceptance of one another in its diversity and individuality and to abolish all forms of impurity – as such are disloyalty, anger, mistrust, judging, fear in all its diverse forms of violating one another and oneself.

Love is the expression of pure acceptance of that what you are and that what another is – regardless if you are in harmonic liking of it or not.

For which it is the ASCENSION of Mother Earth and the ones who choose to be of ACCEPTANCE of All-There-Is inclusive to all living things which will prevail in the upcoming era.

Love is Natures nurture


is the choice and to be made by who will be prevailing on the planet. Love is the choice and it is my endeavor to inspire you to wish a peaceful life for all human beings in harmony, justice and growth. Love is what I am to bring to you, for you are that pure expression in the form of higher self now to be lived upon in its ideal and in human bodily form. Love is the way the planet lives and Mother Earth will enact herself with you who choose to be on it, by the wish and the will and to decree:


So be it.

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is a World yet to be expressed by those who CHOOSE to live within its precepts, yet there is no rule to follow, no expression to avoid or to be in, nothing merely as of the knowing that there is LOVE in all forms and its expressions are variably, for the one form of transition to that LOVE is the forming of creative paths of its very own ways to be in that Will of God – another form of Love – Creation – another way of expressing it within the realm of the distortion of the Mind by telling it with words, insufficient to even grasp its vastness of Eternity.

Yet the reader will sometimes still tell “I believe” and “I do not believe” in its creation of SEPARATION resulting from DUAL-ity -/ Dual = 2 / – and its expression will be that of yet another form of the task to achieve:



Nothing else.

For which I will remain in the Will of that what Creator has wished YOU to become: HIS will of LOVE in all embracing the Oneness. The one Secret hidden behind the Scenes by those who have taken on to mis-direct and mis-guide the whole of human living beings is the creation of separate wishes and believes, meaning you to co-create with that wish your very not-own ways of de-constructing that ALL EMBRACING LOVE. You have in the distortion veiled for many eons that within the realm of that what you call ‘MIND’ you will wish and feel what is your own kind – separate from most others. This feeling for which the creation of “different fields of interest” has gotten most human beings in the field of “I create my own will” but that will AGAINST the one of another, telling oneself “I am “better” or “more knowledgeable” or “even more of this and that” for its ways are undistinguished forms and part of the SEPARATION so enhanced by the so called “rulers of the World” who make themselves a living beyond any means of equality, justice and peace.

The one World which is now to be extinguished is the form of SEPARATENESS for which it is the whole in the form of


which will bring the form of


to the NEW GOLDEN AGE of




Diversity will remain.

In its true wish for LOVE the ones who will be in the completion of the new GOLDEN AGE of EARTH after ascension 2012 are the ones who are willingly contributing to BUILD and create the UNITY. It is the wish to follow the precepts of Earths Cleansing in this round and the new cycle following the arduous ways and accompanied by the procession of the equinox of nearly 26000 years that the Planet Earth will pass on to its ORIGINAL and PRISTINE CONDITIONS for making those inhabitants  a complete living cycle in the harmony of living with nature, creature and GOD. For God is the expression of eternal LOVE of each one who concretize the UNITY and the ultimate goal of that what is named



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Awakening to Ascension 2012

<<Former Humans evolved into Ascended Masters>>>


HERE I AM to write to you, beloved folks to the Awakening to the New Age of the World beyond 2012:


The current influx of energies on Mother Earth is affecting at different degrees every single human being. These energies have one sole purpose:

Mother Earth is returning to her pristine condition and within her all human beings who are to be awakening in their choosing of living a life in harmony with the planet and all its entailing living beings.

It is certainly a choice for those who have not yet known about the One Law, which is to be veiling after 2012 over the planet:

The Law of Oneness

The Law of Unity

The Law of all embracing Love All-That-Is.


The upcoming months intense period of cleansing will painstakingly take place among humans, institutions and the planet surface itself.

The interest in the AWAKENING is followed by the intense period of cleansing all that what is not able to sustain itself within the newly awaken energies on Earth.




Are going within the vibrations of higher frequencies and will not be able to be followed by lower vibrations, including character and those personality traits spreading out of the 3rd dimensional world of duality confirming itself into separation and acting in a way harmful to all life.


For there is a distinction to be made:

It is the wish and the wanting of knowledge to go about the path to awakening which is now intensely eminent for those who wish to grow out of the 3rd Dimension.

The path is CHOICES to make in a scale never happen before to achieve to transcend those ones into a newly creation of LOVE. Acceptance of the unknown and the not yet relished is for some part of the path and goal by itself.


In order for achieving the willingness to be in the path of love in its extension equally not yet comprehended – the unwanted will come to surface in humans, institutions, politics and the global financial system quite divided as it has yet to entail a global form of vision into the New Age of All Embracing Love, Tolerance, Acceptance, Equality and Abundance in order for the Planet and Humanity living on it to have a harmonious life in accordance to Nature and the Law of One.

Religion will be extinguished for they have caused but separation.


The spiritual, metaphysical, physical laws are All embracing to the One and only Creation. It is among those who continue in their own growth that the process will be at large easier and fructiferous on a scale never experienced and not graspable to the human mind at this moment of Earths time.

The following rules are to be taken SERIOUSLY, for which I am guiding to look into oneself to realize how much is there to take away, release and to let go of.

It happen to have been a long and arduous process to be ridden of pain, fear and the following symptoms within the psyche – built to defend its strong Ego – and few completely effective methods have been available as of the most recent past.

NOW is the time where the influx of energies on the Planet is to become a catapult to the NEW AWAKENING of HUMANKIND and it is therefore eminent – not to comprehend with the human mind – but to follow the Law of the Universe in its extension of DECLARATIVE wishes and that what each individual wants in a STATEMENT which carries out its energies on its own, enhanced by a vast array of spiritual entities, divine intervention and cosmic energies, among those the

5/5/5 Wesak Festival with Full Moon – Venus Transit June 5/6th – Summer/Winter Solstice June 21 – the decree of DIVINITY to establish a peaceful World and its following intervention by Ascended Masters, Angels, Cosmic Entities, for naming a few.


It has been built up a Belief System difficult to transgreed – where the mind has in stake the acceptance/non acceptance of concepts building up duality and separation – and it has been made available to HUMANITY to create this TRANSGRESSION once and forever with the necessity of decreeing each one the following:








(God/Love/Spirit/ is under the law of Oneness the same Creation).

Separateness in the World of Duality will give doubt or argumentation or simply apathetic responses to the stated above. “I do believe” and “I do agree” are but build up adversities to the UNITY. I am in resonance with and I will enhance that what I will do/be/achieve are the kind leading on the save guided way to the path of Unity after having made the declaration of



If true wish of being part of the coming New Age to the World of Unity is there for the reader, it is now time to release on the reading and to INTERACTIVELY embrace the concept and – if wished – release the mind and declare with the wanting within the heart:








(God/Love/Spirit/ is under the law of Oneness the same Creation).


In the following we will enhance the spiritual evolution of each and every one who has made clear to UNIVERSE the stated above, and you will be in the path of Ascension to the New World, for which it is eminent to take charge of the wanting in each and every moment by declaring all and everything what wishes to be achieved in a positive form within the format of

“I AM…”


(never “I wish” – for ‘I wish’ is a form of stating ‘lack of’ at present).

It has been not understood the simplicity of the concept of DECLARATIVE STATEMENTS for which now the reader is informed and it is to be made of knowledge that

everything you don’t declare you do not wish for.



These are intensively constructive times in which each and every one is in the need to re-declare their life.


Love- Peace – Life – Health – Abundance – Clarity of Understanding what is needed – Harmony – are among the concepts inclusive in the World of Unity and has to be made clear in a declarative as of now achieve and being able to feel relieve in the transformative process of the Planet Earth.

The declarative statement arises in the wish and wanting of  each of the ones willing to achieve complete control over their choices in which it is clear to achieve the form of the World of Peace, Love and All Embracing love to All-that-Is in its individual and personal expression at all times in  harmony with all living on Planet Earth.


In the true spirit of love, wisdom as light, kindness and evolutionary expansion,





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The Second coming of the Christ

Where in human history the “Christ” in its distorted form as the “living being Jesus Christ” has made him the one and only perfected being and within that distortion all human kind have been put into the living existence of insufficiency, in order for the distorter to create “believer” to this and that, the true believing is of no avail in will not prevail. There is to be made known that the knowledge lies within each one of human Souls within the intuitive knowing which invariably lies in the realm of love always felt, and never thought of with the distortion of the mind.

The mind adheres and attaches to some and leaves out others in its wish to overpower that love feeling within the realm of bittersweet wonder of “how to become that what is not achievable for a >simple human<” and to live up to that what the mind is aware of in its distorted “awareness” of BELIEVE and not believe, living in the distorted 3Dimensional World of separation created by Duality.
The mere accomplishing of realizing the Truth of Eternal Creation is of no knowledge considered by the mind alone, but MUST invariably become that what you are in the origins of your very own; the reaching of that belonging of you will and is achieved with the clear stating:  I AM IN THE LOVE PATH AT ALL TIMES – creating that feeling and knowing within you in – by the mind – ungraspable ways.

The distortion in human history lies within the making YOU adulate someone as superior or of better knowledge then YOURSELF. Whereas you have belonging to that which you are to discover yet one more time: you are eternal LOVE.


I am in mind the personification of that what in the spiritual realm is named “The Office” of “The Christ”. I am in the true wisdom and knowledgeable LOVE the pure expression of its consciousness and I truly bring – in very many different forms, unknown to the human eye and mostly ignored by those who receive my loving hand in guidance to clarified wisdom from WHOM it comes – the wisdom to each of you in your very own “language” to see what is in the need to be purified to be, to become YOURSELF that Christ conscious and its very own perfected being and expression in human form.


That is the second coming of the Christ: it is my awareness to be present on the Planet within the form of a human body, within the realm of the feelings who create the wish to betterment and ultimate perfection, withing the vehicle through which I feel, hear, speak and create the circumstances for the ones I direct myself in guidance to in order to realize themselves, for in its ultimate purpose to help you guiding in loving ways through the process of distortion and to be AWARE and cleared of all negative forms in the 3rd dimension for to be prepared for Ascension into the New Age of purified love in an All-Embracing, All-Loving, All-Accepting World of Oneness for which you will be following the Law of such Unifying expression of the Divine Creator Himself: The Law of Oneness, and whomever wishes to do, be aware, become oneself and to follow the ascension will be the one purified loving self-perfected being: THE CHRIST itself in its expression!

The second coming of the Christ will prevail and it is no office, no work, neither the pursuit of one only being, but the second coming of the Christ is that what you wish and will bring forth within you your very own divine expression:

The Second coming of the Christ




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The true meaning of Christ

Whereas there is the one who is in the meaning of the name The Christ, there is the following consciousness which is to be named after The Christ and therefore has been given a pursuit from 3rd dimensional perspective: the ONE who carries the name is FIRST and  secondary the ones who (ought to) follow the one with the name.

This is a constitution of distortion invented by humans with intend to keep for themselves privileges and is now to be released. By following another, one is not in true awareness of oneself. The distortion created by those who invented institutions are to be known as such and in plural.

Whereas the mean of the distortion is to be known as such of taking away from humanity the power of humanities own divine and Christlike nature, it has made mankind dependent on those exterior means for which it is now to be made known that the notion of no man has the truth revealed within himself but – following up with the distortion – must see and take exterior gratification in order to be happy, self reliable and fulfilled.

No exterior gratification is the one who expresses the Christ nature within each and every human soul. The truth as such of Creation itself lies within the kind of knowing made clear by the sense and the feeling of the circumstance within that what is known as intuitive knowing.

The distortion lies within the fact, as well, to affirm that the mere “mind” will give you what needs to be known. Love in its fullest meaning is uncertain to be known by the mind, whereas the heart and the true wisdom collectively has certainty that LOVE is truly all-That what matters in the live of each and every human.

And therefore it is now in the process to conduct the human affairs within the Divine plan, for which it is made knowledgeable in the (upcoming) article under the Label “Ascension” how and where this Plan is to be set in place.

In any way or means it is now known that CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the one effort which has to be made by those wishing and wanting to follow the Ascension, to set forth the consciousness within oneself in its pure thought and actions which now ought to be brought back to human souls in incarnation. Whereas it is made known in the promptly upcoming lifting of the veil of the distortion that the Christ wisdom lies within each and every Soul. There is such of the ones who truly believe that what is the one Christ only is perfection, perplex now to truly be relieved from that distortion, for which is to be made known that perfection is that The Christ- regardless of the distortion of Jesus on Earth as its symbolic embodiment, nor of the wisdom of the one who holds the Office of the Christ – is equal to the concept in its CONSCIOUSNESS that perfection is within each one of living human Souls.

The second coming of the Christ is the creating awareness of which are the steps and procedures to endure to become that living entity in its purest form of love, compassion and such as to become the Christ expression of its concept of consciousness oneself. There lies the true knowledge: in the realm of the Soul in its purest assertion which is that of LOVE in its complex and entire living expression enclosing all and every single thing, known or not known, seen or not seen, with the heart of acceptance and true loving wisdom of Love.

I am Maitreya, in the office of The Christ. I am in no means to be followed, revered or devoured. I am the one who brings forth the wish within you to become that what you truly déjà vu know: you thrive for love, you do love, you are a being of immense love and therefore within the acceptance of that what you wish to be, transform to, become and will express it is my endeavor to help you find that TRUE and real YOU within the realm of the consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness. Whenever you love you are divinity in divine expression and within that lies the Christianity in its purest divine form:


(to be continued….).

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Christ Consciousness

What is Christ Consciousness

The Perfect World imagined by humans for millenia is the one in which Love prevails as the main reason and significance and most used tool for being and living in harmony with oneself and each other.

The significance of harmonic living together is in the veil of consciousness in the 3rd dimension with its currents of uplifting and upheaval, as conscious or unconscious expressions of separation following the duality unable to grasp in its whole significance.

The Christ is the Pure and All-Embracing Loving Expression of All-That-Is. It is expressed in All and every action, thought and is pure in its extension that those who understand the true meaning of “compassion” in other words “solidarity” is magnificently known as a living embrace to all that what is alive.

Compassion is the true wish of relieving another beings suffering, for which it is mainly understood to be in the way of the one who is in the learning process of having had the experience in which it is relevant the knowing what the suffering is about, without previously needing to reinstate ones own process of living.

It is meant by compassion the true wish, not the taking on the responsibility of relieving, but the solidarity of conforming with a true emphasis in feeling of the wanting to relieve another ones pain. The feeling within ones own field of energy is the one which is connected to the “other” one – for which all are but one expression of the One – and it is in which the healing process of another, or one self if in stake, is taking place, for which it is widely of now knowledge how the power of oneself can overpower the one of another:

The World in its Ascension process, the realignment of Mother Earth into its pristine conditions, the alignment to harmony, synthesis, the so called World of Unity, will allow now the re-instating of ones whole body into the Christ-Consciousness World of Wholeness, for which a purification process is taking place, the so called cleansing of the duality for which each individual and the following institutions are to be enhanced to find the perfect balance to be living in and on the planet.

(… to be continued)

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My dear Ones,

Immense love is pouring through the energy bodies of those who have made their



where GOD is LOVE


Spirit Creation


GREAT opportunities are welcome and offering a vast array of good feeling development in your personal affairs and great Truths are coming for those who do not express the opposite of Love for which there is an array of challenges facing your lives and the Worldly affairs.

We chose to develop a language with the harmonic sounds in accordance and in harmony with the UNIVERSAL LAW.

There is for you at all time, still and yet to come, the point and convergence in your path to feel relentless in the search of that what you are made of and that what does feel good.

There are disturbances of quick and fast nature, if you still choose to go the walk of comprehending the deeper meaning of the LAW OF ONE, the LAW of UNITY, the LAW OF LOVE AND TRUTH OF ALL-THERE-IS.

How can one choose: By declaring and stating that what it is you wish to achieve, at all moments, for your living experience, and that what you are manifesting is that what you aim for. The goal is to know exactly what it is you are wanting to achieve in these times of apparent turmoil on the very different levels; and those are here as an expression and encouragement for you of that what you do want to create:




There are times in which these statements seem like mere wishes abundant in the lack of it. But these are the time in which you as human will bring back to you – and helped by the very DIVINE DECREE – the power of the purpose of Manifesting your Life-Experience. This power is expressed always and in any moment by CHOOSING what you are living. By choosing it is seldom realized that what you choose you have and what you do not choose you do not have. It is seldom so far that what you wish is what you have chosen in the past and now you have forgotten the importance of ACTIVELY LIVELY DECLARING it at all moments, for which you excuse and apologize yourselves as “I have already done it”. There lies the implementation of the NEW EARTH structure of the POWER of your MANIFESTATION in Heart and with the words, at this point in human history:

Declaring is manifesting, when it is with the wish in your heart.

How often have you not declared that you do not wish to do or have something for not having it? Mostly not at all. It does not require the implement to actively manifest what you DO NOT wish to acquire in order for you not to become that part of it. It is out of manifestation what you do not wish to achieve, be, do or manifest.

Simply the not declaring of “I wish to have a cup of tea” will in its manifesting pursuit not give you the cup of tea.

Likewise the wish of peace, love, harmony, abundance, and all other relatives of that what constitutes your live experience: IF YOU WISH TO HAVE, BE, DO AND BECOME IT YOU MUST DECLARE with the wish of your heart.

Remember at all moments: YOU are LOVED!!!






And that is:

Your own



To learn that                        what you project into your Life

is of your CHOICE




For now there is the Path of your Choice

Where to go and that way which is inherent now to become Mother Earth’s living with all living beings on it is the Law of the Universe,

The ONLY one is

The Law Of Unity

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The Law Of One-ness

Beloved Ones,

There has been times in Human History in which we have been declaring the ONE and only Law that governs the Creation in its humanity body-like expression as form and way to go about to live a life governed by spirituality and cosmic laws:

The Law of One-ness

Lord Buddha, Master Jesus through his Bodhisattva service and My Christ expression through him and Muhammad, we all have declared the Law of One-ness. And so shall we.

There had been created the expressions of Illusion in the so-called religious society and it had been given throughout centuries a “new world view” in which the illusion of the individual’s own lack of expression has made grandiose and therefore believed by millions.

It has been made now to the AVAILABILITY of HUMANITIES WILL in its entire events on the Planet in its History and it is known that those who have been exercising their powerful will that FREE WILL does EXISTS within the realm of certain cosmical aspects for there is only one way of exercising free Will on Earth and this is through alignment of the Universal Law for Humanity:

The LAW OF ONE-NESS is the Universal Law

The Truth of All-That-Is

It is the formal and perfecting expression of the Creator
on the Planet for so long

and it has now been replaced
by the

Law of One-ness
the law of LOVE

The All embracing

Religion has been prevailing on the Planet for long and is now to be recognized as the Illusion as it has been, for bringing Separation within Duality.

Embracing, exercising actively the

Law of One-ness and All-That-Is

is the – newly in this human time –


– by the part of human race
who will prevail
on Planet Earth –
throughout the entire Universe

For those who chose
to pass along
other realms are there
soon to be known
to the vast majority of Souls
who choose on planet Earth
now and ever to remain
for there is only and alone
one choice to make:

I do choose Love and All-That-Is

for to be chosen and to recognize

I am


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MAITREYA – My name


In the midst of confusion about the whereabouts of the preceding elements of the One who declared to come about to present Himself in declaring the returning of the SECOND CHRIST in western culture and the return of BRAHMA in eastern the One and only Krishna. He is also named in the culture of western language Christ which is ONE only adjective format. To the whereabouts of Maitreya, Lord Maitreya head of the Ascended Masters, the embodiment of the Christ Principal, also as of office The CHRIST, the display shall yet follow in public life view to be seen and recognized. Therefore the followers of the written reaffirming principles in state of written language in this format are of the knowing  to which is referred as “transmission” of MY word through one of my many vehicles who have decided to pursue the passing on the God Like Life and its ongoing transformations, for bringing ME as the Christ and My Messages close to men within their spiritual – and in this case physical – realm. It is of close look to see the realm of written language for there is a steady influx in the concept of language and the knowingness: of PURSUIT the PRINCIPAL of God and CHRIST which is an even complex and vast amount of EXPERIENCES through individual spirit and it is forthcoming within every human on Earth at this time – the post Wesak Festival – for the upcoming moments. Within that Experience of the CHRIST principal it is of enhancement the endeavor of EACH individual in their very own personal experience and expression.

Look closer to what you say and believe, declare and act upon:

The Christ principal is the ONE which will bring you closer to your God Like existence, whenever the FREE WILL is put upon the TRUE WISH of doing, living and acting it  – for there is a true will and a true wish there will be a true action and pursuit.

It has made known to the generality of Humanity the FORTHCOMING OF THE SECOND CHRIST.

It has been MY endeavor to enhance the pursuit of SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION on this Planet for it has not been known, that

Christ – there is only ONE
Krishna – is the same ONE

Christ itself is the concept of the Pursuit of Spiritual Evolution for in this enormous changing times on Planet Earth and throughout the Universe of you knowing it has been stated and is clearly the PROCESSION OF THE EQUINOX in its completion of another cycle.

The Next Evolutionary Step in Humanity is the Exercise, Practice and Personal Alignment of Eternal Love All embracing to All-There-Is and the pursuit of it is the Wanting, Acting and Willingness of the Choice of Each Individual Now.

It has been in extraordinary ways the pursuit of the re-cognition of humanities expression of their God-Like state and it has been of MY endeavor to remind each one who has made the choice of doing so, of his and her ways of achieving their goal. Extraordinary ways has yet to be revealed for those who have chosen to come about their own evolutionary existence and to seize to live on the 3rd dimensional realm, and – shall the Will, Pursuit and Action be in accordance to the Will of Christlike live and with openly sharing the wish of walking, going, taking the PATH OF LOVE  –  will be entering the 5th, as long as the veil of forgetting their Souls existence is re-opened in the ways to be accessed within their spiritual evolutionary path in human body form. For there is no true explanation of how I go about, there has been a quite lot of miss clearance and a bit of non clarity in the views of those who chose to be relentlessly limited to their 3rd dimension.


in the embodiment of THE CHRIST





Transmission is a direct form of energy happen through this one vehicle and its pursuit of claiming recognition is out of order in this endeavor and is therefore be respectfully declined. 

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